Binary Options Signals Guide


Since the rising interest in Binary Options began, there has been a need for the whole concept to become more streamlined, more accessible for beginners. It’s physically impossible to keep up with multiple assets at the same time; monitoring their behaviour, the news surrounding them and predicting the upcoming trends based upon all of the data and studying that traders do while maintaining a full-time job, as many new clients do. It is because of this that a market for Binary Options Signals has formed; so that a trader can sign up to alerts on the assets they follow, that point out a change in that trend, to ensure they never miss an opportunity. They are great for beginners! Signals really help beginners, it helps identify what they’re looking for, what’s important and what to avoid without having to go through dedicating an immense amount of time and effort to learning. It’s very difficult for someone to juggle life whilst investing the time and energy into fully understanding and take advantage of the trading windows. Trading also requires in-depth knowledge on how to correctly understand charts and data while factoring in global news and interpreting that into how it affects the stock trade… let’s just say it’s a serious undertaking!

How to use Binary Signals.

As you’ll be aware, a single pip can make all the difference when it comes to binary options trading so it is an imperative aspect of binary signals that they arrive instantaneously, either in app alerts or via text or email. These platforms can be created and run by experts in the field who have the time as they earn by both having their own trading method, and then also from sharing that with traders. They may be live and promoting themselves as the brand or could have found their own perfect algorithm they’ve set up which automates and runs on their behalf, notifying traders. Because of this, it even helps experienced traders keep up to date, especially if they’re off the trade room floor so they can manage their accounts from where they are if necessary. In some cases, they will have hired a broker so they then can ensure that all their knowledge and this tip off doesn’t go to waste while they’re unable to participate. We can imagine it would be much worse to invest time into an asset for you to miss the crucial moment – that’s where signals come in.

Decide on your provider

Firstly, you need to decide who you’re going to trust to be your signals provider. This is crucial, as you need to believe that they are reputable, that their trading strategy / algorithm both works and makes you profit, but also works for you. When deciding who has the best Binary Options Signals service we recommend that you try to be aware of false claims that the company makes; it’s very difficult for anyone to verify that their figures are accurate so we simply suggest that you go with a company that offers a free, or incredibly cheap trial period for you to experience the way they run for yourself.

signalsguide2Similarly, some companies also offer money back guarantees for new members which gives traders a chance to consider whether the profits they’re making are worth the subscription fee. It’s more important that you as an individual are satisfied with the service than others; it needs to be flexible enough to suit your lifestyle and that the trends it alerts you to are regular, effective and you profit from them. Most of the trading signals are based on technical indicators, which determines the best selling and buying time on the market. As different assets do not function in the same way and react differently to external factors, a lot of elements must be taken into consideration as you can imagine, but these are the things that when you begin your free trial you will need to be paying close attention to; are you notified on the news that’s relative to your asset? Are you made aware of wider issues? When do you receive these notifications? Are they hourly, or as and when the trend alters? And alters by how much? You will need to go back and analyse the trend of your asset and make sure that the notifications didn’t miss anything that you wish you’d have known about, or would have acted upon if you’d have been on the trade room floor.

The system of using trading signals during day-trading can be highly beneficial for those who often opt for technical analysis but make sure not to neglect learning themselves and monitoring the signal platform very closely initially. A couple of other tricks you’ll need to consider is their win rate – for a trader to break even they must be working at a minimum of 55% win-rate; reputable providers tend to offer between the 60-70% win-rate mark. Beware also, of completely free signal platforms, we believe if you’re wanting an effective and trustworthy service that puts in the effort on your behalf that is necessary for you to succeed then you will have to pay for it.

Use a demo account

Try to use a demo account before you spend any real money on a binary options trading signal service – be sceptical of services that only allow you to create a live account before you’ve had time to test their signals. Some of the best binary signals programmes even offer the opportunity to watch a professional trader live on the site, taking advantage of their skill and mimicking their success. Having live trading with full audio means you can learn from their tips and there may even be a live chat feature for you to contact them. Providers that offer this option are great as you can clearly see that a professional is willing to risk his own investment, so it’s more likely to have a profitable outcome for you too, without you having to do any of the leg work that they did; you just pay for this luxury.

Be aware of scam providers

To avoid scam providers, we recommend asking to see proof of results before you risk your own money; there should be a table documenting their statistics or screenshots taken and obviously, the longer the period of time this data has been collected over the better; a more established company is worthwhile investing with.
Furthermore, take the time to seek reviews for the companies from outside sources. You’ll have to bear in mind that some companies are paid to write helpful reviews and are affiliates that make money from you signing up through them, so tread carefully; if you find a trustworthy forum or YouTube video where the company has been used and reviewed then you can see it in action or avoid it all together.

Another thing to take into consideration when choosing your platform are Auto-bot or Robots for Auto-Trading that come as an extension of their sites and these have both positives and negatives. These can be a huge risk as you’re handing over your trading to a 100% automated service that spends your money for you and you have to download the software to do so. Particularly with these scam sites, you must be so careful, we implore you to do your research before investing in anyone. With providers like this, their input is very basic. You are constantly informed of an asset’s trend before you want to contribute to it but there will be parameters that are set on the account and throughout their span, there will be no reflection or alterations made to compensate external issues that will impact it. Once these fixed markers are hit, the trader is automatically notified with no individualized touch, no market research and no expert knowledge applied to it. These kinds of trading signals have been designed to ease your trading venture. Throughout the day, you may receive information about the actual trend of the asset through different channels and the medium by which you receive the signal is decided by you. However, if you find a reliable site that has been running for a sustained period and you trust the company to make executive decisions for you, or you’re inexperienced and looking to make money, auto bots can be incredibly handy. We whole heartedly recommend avoiding software that is 100% autopilot as these tends to be scams and we’d hate for your trading experience to be marred by something like that.

signalsguide3The use of binary options signals is an innovative addition to the field of binary options; facilitating traders across the world with automated-systems. In such a volatile market, brokers have the tendency of altering trading trends in order to earn more money, as they are nervous or too eager to see the deal through – an automated service prevents this. You aren’t tempted into falling for the minor trends and pulling out in fear and yet you can hopefully be confident enough in your provider that their input will not hinder your trading. Market shifts are unpredictable, but choosing the correct signal provider will determine your trading career, should this be an option you are considering. We truly recommend that you spend the time investing yourself in trading by learning the trade by yourself; don’t try to cheat or go about it the lazy way because, generally speaking, you’ll be the one that loses out and you will not be able to understand how effective your provider is. Use signals to enhance your trading, keep your alert and to network with other professionals and hone your craft. Don’t lose sight of your end goal which is for you to be a trading expert and fully managing yourself without having to outsource information. Only then can you truly reap the rewards of trading the lucrative assets we offer here at Option888.

NB: The use of binary options signals does not involve calculating Risk/Reward. They do not involve counting points/pips to determine how much an investor gains or losses on a trade. It makes no difference whether the binary option was in the money by 1 pip or 150 pips. You gain exactly the same profit by simply just predicting correctly so investing in a Binary Options Signals provider is at the trader’s discretion as it isn’t a required aspect of trading in general.



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