What is Touch?

Touch trading is a newer type of binary option trading, and has been based on the basic principles of Forex trading. It is offered by most online brokers, and is incredibly easy to learn by those who are just beginning to trade, as well as professionals as it is a great way to customise your trading experience. There is no middle ground when it comes to touch trading, as you are either right or wrong. Despite this, it is still considered to be binary options.

Like we have already said, touch options are incredibly easy to understand. Option888, as the online broker will assign a price goal to a certain asset. All you then have to do is to decide if the asset will meet or surpass the assigned price during the active minutes of the trade. If you chose a touch option, and the goal price was reached or even passed, your trade would then be profitable. If however the price did not reach it is said to have not touched, and you will only receive profits if you chose a no touch option. Simple as that. Just like other binary options, you will know what they payout will be, although it is usually between 75-81 percent.

Touch trading and touch options play an important role in trading as it gives you the opportunity to customise your trading more specifically to your needs. The more customisation that you can do, the closer you will be to getting huge returns, which ultimately is what everyone wants.